Having a copyright issue?

Apology for copyright infringement by mistake and without knowledge.

We, at Bohurupi eStore are highly committed to our work and are well-aware of all the compliances and copyright policies. If by lapse of concentration or unknowingly we have used any of your material or graphics in our website bohurupi.in, then we apologize for the same. In the event of any copyright infringement in any of our products, we will make the required amendments.

If any such content is found on our website, then without second thoughts we will take prompt action and such content will be removed. We do not support any act of plagiarism or unethical things and are faithful towards our work. Also, most of the product’s images are downloaded from Pinterest or directly from google.com. That’s why most of the time we’re unable to verify its original owner or if this is under fair usage. So if you believe particular art is your intellectual property feel free to contact us, we’ll surely help you out.

You can send us an email at [email protected]

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