Easy Quantity Selection

Selecting the desired quantity of t-shirts for your bulk order is a breeze. Our intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly specify the exact number of t-shirts you need, ensuring a smooth ordering experience.

Wholesale - Bohurupi Shopping

Detailed Size Charts and Measurements

Make your t-shirts unique to your business with our seamless customization options. To ensure the perfect fit, we provide detailed size charts and measurements for our t-shirts.

Wholesale - Bohurupi Shopping

Flexible Payment & Order Tracking

We offer a range of payment options and invoicing for our established corporate clients. Stay informed about the progress of your bulk order with our order tracking and status update system. 

Wholesale - Bohurupi Shopping

Cost-Effective Pricing and Discounts

We offer competitive pricing for bulk orders, and our pricing structure includes attractive discounts for larger quantities. Enjoy significant cost savings when ordering t-shirts in bulk from us.

We understand the unique needs of businesses looking to order t-shirts in large quantities. Experience a seamless and efficient bulk ordering process for your t-shirts with our corporate bulk order page. Start browsing our wide selection and enjoy the benefits of ordering in large quantities today!

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    Whatsapp Support: 9123365583 (Only WhatsApp)
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