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While you plan to buy bengali printed masks online in Kolkata there are certain features you must explore before shopping. We don’t just say, rather we mean it as well. As we are well aware of the fact that cotton masks are inevitable and every person needs to wear a safety mask preferably cotton masks which are reusable and washable and most importantly filters the airborne particles.

  1. 100% Cotton – Once you buy bengali printed masks at then you will get to know the genuine material we deal in.
  2. Double layer for filtration – The masks online India are dealing in diverse ways but opt for those which are made of 2 layer that is double layer filtration. Outer side for prevention of penetration of dust particles and inner layer for comfort.
  3. Reusable & Washable – The bengali printed masks online at are durable enough that the print does not fade off and the ear loops are still the same.
  4. Prevents Contact of Virus – The main concern is fulfilled with great accuracy, that is the cotton bengali printed masks online at Bohurupi are preventing direct contact with any type of virus or spread.
  5. Easy to breathe – Another primary reason you should buy masks online at Bohurupi is it’s breathable like whether you are indoor or outdoor, it is vital to wear such a breathable mask.

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Bengali Printed Masks Online – The masks online are now becoming the competing category among lifestyle and fashion and why it won’t be because the cotton masks online have seriously given an easy way out to the customers to shop the best- bengali printed mask, plain mask, etc. in just a few clicks. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge adverse effects on the planet and that’s where the need for keeping social distancing came into existence. However, for basic needs, everyone needs to step out and work, but in the fear of getting affected everyone’s morale is getting down. Well, don’t worry to be on the safe side the cotton masks are perfect to rely on. Therefore, it becomes more evident to talk about where you can buy cotton masks online that are safe to shop.

You can easily buy cotton masks online at Bohurupi as we not only deal in 2 layer protective masks online but also take all the necessary precautions from packing to dispatch. Bohurupi deals in a vivid range of bengali printed masks that make the shopping experience more happening. So, it’s all about how you buy cotton masks online.

Cool Bengali Printed Masks Online All You Can Ask For

The bengali printed masks online are an all-time favourite and that is the reason why everyone tends towards the printed cotton masks rather than the plain cotton masks online. We know that both have the importance but when the people have acquired the taste of living with the printed masks online then why not give a stylish touch. The fun fact is Bohurupi has already introduced a vivid collection of bengali printed masks online that are perfect to wear and gives a nice appearance as well.

Why You Need Bohurupi Printed Cotton Masks?

The Bohurupi cotton masks have step out in the generic design and comfort that makes a must-have like any other else. Yes, it is quite evident because the cotton masks are perfect to talk about safety and stylish appearance. Well, you must be eager to know what so different in buying Bohurupi cotton masks than the combo feature and theme-based bengali printed masks collection we are talking about. The combo of 3 cotton masks online gives a wide window of choosing your own designs. Even the masks are available as an add-on to the shopping bag. So there are plenty of features in Bohurupi printed masks, you just need to avail them.

Wash Care Techniques for Face Mask India

Face mask India at Bohurupi is reusable and washable. Here are some quick tips and tricks to wash the face mask which is plain or printed properly. The bengali printed masks online at Bohurupi are made of 100% cotton material and thus reflect all the characteristics mentioned below.

  1. Hand Wash in Cold Water – Do not machine wash the mask.
  2. Use mild detergent – Do not bleach
  3. Dry in shade/ on a flat surface
  4. Do not iron the mask
  5. Do not tumble dry in the machine wash

Instructions On Using Reusable Masks After One Use:

The instructions of using a reusable mask after one use are simple but require attention because some might ignore the use and proper methods to clean it further. Bohurupi deals in the best reusable face mask online in India at an affordable price range. However, there are certain tips and tricks you need to follow while once buying cotton masks.

  • While wearing masks for the first or even after wearing it afterwards thoroughly wash and clean the reusable masks.
  • Avoid touching the mask repeatedly also before wearing wash your hands thoroughly.
  • When you realize that the cotton face mask is damp or humid, immediately change the mask or wash the used mask.
  • If you drop the mask on the floor or at any other place, do not use it before washing it. The reusable masks are meant for all these purposes so you don’t have to invest much and be safe throughout.

Is Bohurupi Safety Mask Protective?

Yes, the Bohurupi Safety Mask has a double layer filtration which separates the germs and dust from penetrating. The mask is made of 100% cotton material which makes it breathable & comfortable to wear.

Why Bohurupi Safety Mask is Essential to Buy?

The Bohurupi Safety Mask helps you to stay away from the direct contact of the virus and prevent the spread. Bohurupi Safety Mask is reusable and washable. With this, you also ensure that the N95 and surgical masks are supplied to hospital staff.

Where Can I Buy Masks Online?

The best fabric and place to buy masks online is as here you can explore diverse category in the masks that are plain masks, printed masks, 2 layer face masks, and likewise. With this, the combo feature makes it affordable to buy masks online for the entire family.

Whether Buying Mask Online is Safe or Not? is taking all the safety measures from processing the order to dispatching it to your doorstep. Starting from sanitizing the products and warehouse to coordinating with the shipping partners to take safety measures, we are considering all the steps at utmost priority while delivering a product to you.

Will the Masks be Delivered During the Lockdown?

The “Mask” is considered an “essential items”. We have initiated the delivery of the masks at specific pin codes which are not identified as hotspots/red zones. During this pandemic, make sure to have a safety mask to stay healthy and safe.