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Bohurupi eStore

Bohurupi eStore is currently only available for Artists and Youtubers (having a YouTube channel). Our approach is to spread out the works to the peoples and made them your customer. At Bohurupi eStore, we believe in quality and price, that’s why we have got a simple but powerful shopping system. Simplified pricing helps to reach-out more potential customers.


Currently, You can sell your designs or arts for “Printed T-Shirts, Customized Mobile Covers, Printed Masks and more”
*If you want to sell your own products manufactured by you please contact us via mail

Very Simple, You don’t have to do anything like, manufacture or ship or taking payment.

You just have to upload your Designs & Arts in High Quality PNG. That’s it ! rest is upon our system and employee.

Sit back and relax, get paid.

When a customer purchases (orders) your product you will get paid a commission.

A customer order a product> Its get delivered> Automatically get a commission as per rules.

There is no limitation on your earnings.

  1. The process is very simple. Upload your designs in png. Or jpg (high-quality format) from your dashboard and add a good title and choose the predefined categories and that it. Rest is upon Bohurupi eSystem. Our system will process that and made them a product.
  3. When you upload a photo from Bohurupi Seller Dashboard it will automatically generate a product URL. Upon activation, It will automatically show everywhere on the site.

People will be interested if the prices are reasonable. So we are trying to low the prices as possible as it. 

For now flat 10% for Youtubers and 12-15% for Artists over the Selling Price.

After Rs.250 in total earned commission is complete you will get paid on your UPI or Bank account

Well, Our System automatically shows every single order with earnings when a customer made a purchase. There is not hide and sick.

Very easy. When you completed Rs.250 or greater in total earned commission, there was a “Payment” tab in your seller dashboard. Please visit and request for payment.

You don’t have to ship anything or manufacture anything. Everything is upon us.

Just Upload your works and get paid.

Before signup for a seller account please read “Terms & Conditions for Seller“.